Britain & Ireland 3rd June 2012 anyone


I am travelling on my own and from Victoria. Is anyone else booked on the following tours?

Britain & Ireland 3rd June 2012
Discover Europe 19th June 2012

Getting excited…


I am doing the Britain and Ireland tour starting 3rd June. I am also frm Victoria and doing the tour on my own.


That’s great! Not too far away. I am staying at Umi for a few nights before. What about you? Where in Victoria are you from?


My boyfriend and I are staying at Umi the night before the trip then he flies home the day our trip starts. I am from Bendigo. Where are you from?


I am from Wodonga. When are you flying to London?


We are catching the Eurostar from Paris to London on 1st June, then catching up with my cousin in London. We will have been traveling around Europe for three weeks before I do the tour.


You must be about to head overseas! Hope you have an awesome time and I guess i’ll see you in London ready for our UK adventure. Trying to work out what clothes to pack - hard to know what the weather will be like! :slight_smile: