Britain & Ireland 29th July


Is anyone else doing this tour? Getting pretty keen for it to come around!



Hey Matt me n my friend will also be doing the same tour I know I’m so excited for the tour as well So ur from Melbourne where abouts?


Hey sarah, thats awesome, good to know there are actually others going on the same tour!! Im from the eastern suberbs, ringwood/warrandyte are, how bout you?


Hey ok well im from the western suburbs altona meadows/ point cook way area. Question will u be taking a back pack or suit case… n were you doing any tours after that one we are doing the mega european tour after this one?


Ohk cool, still a fair way away then! Im taking a suit case and probably a small day pack cause im in europe for bit of 3 months holidaying! Im doing the grand european tour but before this one! Have you organised any accommodation before and after the tour? i dont wanna stay at the umi hotel, way too expensive! and how old are you both?


Yeah we haven’t got plans yet for before the tour on where we are staying yet… But after that we are staying in the clink hostel cause that’s where our second tour leaves from we are in London for 3 days after the tour than we leave again… Umm we are both 23 how about u?


Ohk, yeah fair enough, im just trying to find a hostel a little bit closer to the Umi hotel! I’m 21, gettin pretty excited only couple of months till i leave, sick of saving!


I know me too so excited I think it’s like 90 days till I leave now n boy am I sick of working all these hours to savwe ur can wait…we haven’t decided on where we r staying yet befor the tour we are travelling a bit of England first by car by ouselfs which should be interesting