Britain & Ireland 25/09


Hey anyone going on the Britain & Ireland tour starting the 25th of september?


i am. can’t wait!


are you staying after? where are you from :slight_smile:


I’m from Australia. I might be staying after to visit friends around Ireland and London.
Where are you from? What are your plans?


I’m from melbourne, staying in england for just over a week then going to france for 8 weeks


anyone going on this tour on the 12th of June???


nope thats why it says the 25th of September at the top :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m doing the Celtic Trail which meets up with your tour in Belfast on September 30th so I’ll only be with you guys for the last half :slight_smile:


I’m booked on this tour as well. I’m from Melbourne. Spending the 6 weeks before it doing a tour through Scandinavia and Russia then heading to the UK for the last leg of my trip
Can’t wait!


that sounds exciting. I want to hurry up and leave now.


I wish I was staying longer! I’m going to Iceland for a couple of days afterwards but I’ll be back in Australia a week after the tour finishes. All of your plans sound amazing! :slight_smile:


Best of for your trip.