Britain & Ireland 22 May


Just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour 22 May to 5 June?


I will be


Cool I can’t wait to go! This date has been taken off the website do you know if it’s still running?


Hi[br][br]I havn’t heard that it’s not going ahead so hopefully it still is. Are you travelling by yourself?


No I’m travelling with a friend! Are you by yourself? Are you doing any other trips?


Hi[br][br]Yes i’m travelling alone. Am also doing the mega european tour departing march 30 to may 17th. How about you?


I’m doing the Spirit of Europe tour from 8 June to 1 July. Then I’m heading to America to travel around there by myself! :slight_smile:


Hi Gabrielle & Shontelle

Ive just booked this tour for 28 August! After your trip can you let me know how it went?


Hi Jenny
I’ll definitely post something when I get back!


Bumping this up!