Britain & Ireland 22 Apr - 05 May 2018


Hey, I’m travelling solo for this UK tour starting on the 22nd April (I’m from NZ), just wanting to see if anyone else is coming along too :slight_smile: This is my 2nd tour.



Hi Simone,
I’m also doing this tour and travelling solo. I arrive in London on the morning before (21st) from Australia.
I’m looking forward to the tour as it’s my first time visiting Europe. Plus the Topdeck app says its only 83 days away… down to double digits! woooot! :smile:



I’ll be joining from Belfast on, can’t wait! Glad to see there will be Aussies and Kiwis in the mix :slight_smile:


Hey there,
Im also doing this tour and travelling solo! I arrive in London a couple of days before the tour starts. I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Not long to go now! First time in Europe, second topdeck tour :smiley:.