Britain & Ireland 2016 (27th March - 9th April)


Hello guys!

Just finished booking my trip (travelling solo) and am wondering who else is out there on this adventure!
I would love to get to know some of you before it starts!

Christine :smiley:



I’ve just booked my trip and I’m travelling alone too :slight_smile: Where are you travelling from?



Oh yay! :smile: I’m travelling from Canberra (Australia), how about you, where are you travelling from?



Hi gals!

I am also doing this trip solo! I am from the Central Coast in NSW. Are you ladies arriving into London earlier??
Maddy :smile:


I’m from Perth! I’ll be in London for a few days before the trips starts


Cool! I’ll be there 2 days earlier if you’d like to catchup?


I’m going to be there 2 days early too, are you guys staying at the hotel where the pick up point is?


We should all catch up then! I have family in London so I will be staying with them.


I am staying at another hotel and will be there the morning of departure :slight_smile:


Same, I’m staying around the corner but if you guys don’t have plans we could catch up the day before the trip starts? :smile:


Sounds fun! Add me on facebook so we can arrange? My name is Madeline Stojiljkovic :slight_smile:


I’m close to the hotel as well. My name is Claudia Soll, I just sent you a request, hopefully want to the right person haha


I think I just added you both on facebook :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I booked this trip over a month ago but had no idea about these forums!

I’m from San Francisco, California and will also be traveling alone. I’m getting there the night before the trip and will be staying at the Burns Hotel. I don’t get in until later (9pm) but if anyone is still awake maybe we can meet up after i check in?

I can’t wait to get this trip started! :grin:


Hey guys

Just came across the forum, looking forward to the trip!

I’m staying at the Burns Hotel the night before the tour for anyone interested in catching up :beer:

Ryan :smiley: