Britain & Ireland 2011 - Late August, Early Sept



I am considering taking the Britain & Ireland 2011 tour in late August or Early September. I have a few questions for everyone out there. I’ve never done any type of group tours before and will be traveling solo. I’m from Los Angeles, CA, USA and 31 yrs old. I’m not really a heavy drinker. I’m more about the sightseeing and learning about the areas I visit.

Am I too old for this tour?

Anyone taking this tour around this time traveling solo?

Any traveling tips/ advice on taking these types of tours?

Thanks for any help you all can provide.



Hi Vanessa,

I’m doing thing this tour traveling solo leaving august 28. I’m 27 and have been in contact with a few people who have done this tour and they seem to have an average age of about 30. But I suppose every tour is different. I’m not a heavy drinker myself, and having never been to the Uk or Ireland I 'm more interested in that. :slight_smile:

Friend request me if you’d like to talk more.

Cheers julia


Hi Julia. Thank so much for your message. Its very reassuring. I’m still trying to figure out what dates. I’m trying to work around my work schedule and it keeps changing unfortunately. If I do book the August 28th tour, I’ll definitely contact you.

Cheers Vanessa


Hi Vanessa,
Hope to see you in August too. Otherwise hope you have a good time on whatever trip you choose. :slight_smile:


Hi Julia. I just booked the trip for August 28th. So I’ll be seeing you then. I’ll send you a message on FB as well. Really excited. :slight_smile:



Hi people,

I’m travelling solo on the August 28th tour as well. Vanessa, if you’re too old then so am I! I’m 31 too. My 32nd b’day happens when we’re in Scotland. ;D Julia, a nice surprise to see another Tasmanian on the same trip. And like you both I’m not a heavy drinker either. I’ve never been to the UK before and this is the first time I’ve done a solo trip with a tour group so it’s reassuring to meet some likeminded individuals. Look forward to meeting you.




Hi Katie,

Very small world indeed. Birthday on tour - what fun! :slight_smile:

Are you on facebook, if so you can friend request me if you’d like to talk more.

Cheers, julia


Hey guys

My friend and I are all booked in for this tour too, should be a great time!!! See you all there :slight_smile:


Hey girls

My boyfriend and I are booked on the 28th departure trip too! We are then doing the 28 day Discover Europe afterwards. First UK/Europe trip, cant wait!!

We are both in our thirties too so looks like we are all boosting the average age on this trip!! ;D

Cant wait to meet you all - less then 2 mths to go!!!



Hi guys I created a Facebook for the tour.

Hope to see you there.