Britain & Ireland 12/08 & Mega European 28/08


Hi Guys,

I have just booked these two tours departing in August this year. One is EuroHotel and the other is EuroClub. I am a solo traveller and was hoping to get in touch with anyone else who might be going on either of these two tours. I have a few weeks in London at the end of the Mega European tour too. I am a 30 yo female from regional NSW, Australia.

Let me know.



Hi Carmen,

I have also booked for the mega European departing on 28/8 and will also be travelling solo!
I’m arriving a week before the tour and then staying on until around Christmas or a bit after and staying mostly with family.



Hi Cassandra,

Thanks for your post, it’s great that you are joining this tour also. I was beginning to think no one was going on my tours. I will arrive on August 11 and leave late October so it’s nice to know you will be ariound also. Slightly nervous and anxious about travelling solo, it being only my first time to Europe and the first time overseas not onboard a cruise ship. A fellow Aussie is great news!!!

Do you have an email address?



Hi Carmen,

Yeah i was beginning to think the same thing that there was no-one else!
I’m a little apprehensive …done lots of travelling through Asia and have been to Britain and France but not for many years now (and was with family) So i should be ok!
My email address is