Britain & Ireland 05/08/18 - 18/08/18


Hi, booked this trip the other day. Solo traveller from Australia


I’m doing this tour too! Just booked it the other day, travelling solo from Melbourne :slight_smile:


I’m from Melbourne too, live in the south eastern suburbs


HI girls, im thinking about booking this one as well. Im solo from Adelaide. :smile:


Have you booked your flights yet?
I booked them yesterday and am flying out of Melbourne the 29th and getting to London on the 30th


Flights all booked for me too :slight_smile: I fly out of Melbourne on the 30th, getting to London on the 31st.
Maybe once more people have booked we could organise dinner/drinks the night before the tour so it’s a little less of an awkward first day haha


Hey Cass, have you booked your flights to London yet?


Hey guys, i haven’t yet, I’m actually on holiday in Airlie Beach until the 31st so will probably head over to London on the 2nd or 3rd. Would be great to catch up with you both before the tour. :grin:


p.s. are either of you doing any other tours after B&I? Im doing Scenic Scandi.


Sounds like a nice long holiday.
I’m doing a few tours after. Doing the red star speacial starting on the 19th. After that I’m going to Egypt and doing Dahab Dreams and Egypt Express


Wowzers! you are going to be away for ages! I sent you a FB message. :grinning:


I’m only just seeing these replies, sorry!
I’ve booked the Grand European afterwards along with two other friends that I met on a US Topdeck trip last year :slight_smile:
Where are you guys staying in London?


I haven’t booked any accomodation yet. I was thinking about the hotel that topdeck uses for pickup the Burns Hotel.


Have you booked your accomodation yet?


I haven’t yet! The night before I’ll probably just stay at the hotel that the tour starts from, but before that I’m not too sure where I’m staying (hoping for free accommodation with family haha)


Hey Ashleigh - Emily and i are looking at an Air BnB beforehand! Let us know if you wanna join!


Ooh that sounds good! And probably cheaper than a hostel/hotel if there’s 3 of us chipping in :slight_smile:


Hey Ashleigh are you on Facebook ?


Yup :slight_smile: Ashleigh Carroll, my profile picture is me with my dog. Let me know if you can’t find me and Ill add you instead


I’ve sent you a message in messenger! Will probs go to the requests part.