Britain and Ireland Tour: Sept 10 - 23, 2017


Hey everyone! Who else is going on this trip? I’m very excited about all the places we will be going! I would love to hear from anyone else going on this adventure!


Hi, my name’s Gary from Australia and I’ll be on it. This will be my second Topdeck tour as I did a Grand European tour almost four years ago but I never really got to see this part of Europe (which I’ve always wanted to see). Yep it should be awesome.


Hi Gary! My name’s Lindsay. I’ve never been to Europe at all, but Ireland and Scotland are at the top of my list of places I want to visit. That’s awesome that you got to see the rest of Europe :slight_smile:


Hi Lindsay. Yes well most of our tour seems to be in Scotland and Ireland. Yeah I’m pretty keen to see Scotland and Ireland too :slight_smile:

Yeah I spent a few days each in France and Italy and I also saw bits of Spain, Germany and a few other countries in Western and Central Europe. It was pretty cool although it was 28 days non-stop and it was also a bit of a party tour (some of the Topdeck tours are like that). I don’t think I’d do another one quite like that but it was fun).

I look forward to meeting you in a couple of months. Not long now :slight_smile:


Hi Lindsay and Gary

Hi my name is Bree, i am going on this adventure as well. i am so excited to see Ireland and Scotland. This is my first Top Deck tour. i am looking forward to meeting everyone. Not long now,


I’ve never been to Europe at all, but Ireland is awesome place.