Britain and Ireland Tour - 17th - 30th August 2016


Hey guys! :slight_smile: Just wondering if anyone else had booked this tour? I’m travelling solo and really really looking forward to it and hoping to get in touch with anyone else going on this tour! :slight_smile:

Britain & Ireland 2016 17th July - 30th July

Hey, I’m Erin and I’ve also booked this tour and travelling solo, getting pretty excited! Where are you from?


Hey Erin!
I’m Siobhan, from Canberra, Australia :slight_smile: getting so excited for this tour!! Are you just doing this tour or travelling around more/more tours? :slight_smile:


Hi Erin and Siobhan!!
My husband and I have just booked this tour too! We are so excited for the trip!
We are from Adelaide, South Australia.
Are you guys spending extra time in the UK before/after the tour?
:slight_smile: Steph


Hi Stephanie! :slight_smile:
I’m doing a tour before this tour so I only have a day in between each but yeah I will be hanging out in London for a few days after this tour ends! What about you guys? :slight_smile: I’m so excited to meet everyone! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey there Siobhan!
That sounds awesome! What tour are you doing before ours?
We will be arriving in London 3 days before the tour starts, so will see the sights ourselves for a while (hopefully including a Harry Potter tour!!!) and then after the tour finishes we might be going to Paris for a night or two (still organising things for that) and then we’ll be spending a week in Scotland with Jamie’s family!!
Not too long to wait now!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m doing the mega european tour before this tour :slight_smile: and I’ve only got one day between them :confused: haha I’m doing all my london sightseeing before the mega tour! Your trip sounds awesome!!! :slight_smile: :smile: :slight_smile: Cant wait to get my butt on this tour and meet everyone :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m coming solo from the US eastern seaboard! :grinning: I’m flying into London the day before (Aug. 16th) and will be staying overnight at the starting hotel. Is anyone else doing this? Then I’ll be staying in London for a few days after the trip.
Look forward to seeing y’all there!


Hey Elisa
I’m doing the same thing :slight_smile: I’m staying in the starting hotel the night before as well!! So excited :slight_smile:


Less than 2 months to go now guys! Sooooo excited! Jamie and I will be staying at the same hotel too :slight_smile:


Hi everyone 🖑 No idea how I missed this thread in my search…

Sounds like a trip full of Aussies so far! Sorry I don’t help the diversity, I’m from Melbourne!

I’m also traveling solo. Arriving in London on the 15th via the US on a 7 week round the world adventure :slight_smile:

Back to back tours sounds intense Siobhan!


Hey im coming from melbourne, australia
Im flying in 2 days before the tour and exploring london, also doing a rock of ages tour.
Cant wait for this tour


Hey everyone :blush: I’m Andrea travelling solo from Calgary, Canada and I’ll be doing the second part of this tour and meeting up with you all in Ireland!! I did the first part of this tour earlier and it was fantastic you all will have such a lovely time! Can’t wait to meet you all!!