Britain and Ireland May 8-22, 2010


Is anyone else going on the Britain and Ireland Explorer trip starting May 8th? I’m traveling solo and just want to see if anyone else is going. I won’t be in town much before the trip departs as I’m going South first, but it’d still be nice to get to know people before we go.[br][br][br][br]Britain and Ireland May 8-22, 2010 solo


Hi, [br]I’m on the Celtic Trail tour 14th May until 22nd May.[br]I think it forms part of the Britain and Ireland Explorer.[br]I’m also going solo.[br]So we’ll probably meet somewhere along the way :)[br][br]Europe working holiday departing Melbourne 9th May 2010, returning sometime before my Visa expires, whenever that may be! :slight_smile:


Hi :)[br]Im doing the same tour and Im also doing it alone and would love to get to know someone else before it!![br][br][br][br][br]Britain and Ireland May 8 2010; European Getaway April 10 2010


My plans changed and I’m in London from May 5th if you wanted to meet up before the tour Ronny. I’m staying at the Generator. It’s hard to find me on facebook, but I can try to find you??[br][br]Sarah, I have a feeling we’ll meet up with your tour in Belfast? We’ll have to wait and see![br][br]Britain and Ireland May 8-22, 2010 solo


Feel free to find me/ad me to facebook, I’m staying at Clink from the 29th April til the start of the tour, would be great to meet up :slight_smile:


Just a bump up so that anyone going on this trip is aware I’ve started a Facebook group for this tour. Feel free to join too Sarah!

Britain and Ireland May 8, 2010 Facebook Group!/group.php?gid=336438336856&ref=nf


Just another bump up to the top.

Tour leaves in just about two weeks. Getting really excited now!