Britain and Ireland May 19th departure


Hi Travel Buddies!

Wondering who you are and if you are as psyched as I am…


I’m on this trip too! Very excited!


Yay!!! I’m travelling solo, how about you? Is this the only tour you’re doing? I’ll be doing the Europe Uncovered just before…


My husband and I are traveling together :slight_smile: We’re getting to London about a week beforehand and going to check out Edinburgh, but yes, this is the only tour we’re doing. What countries are you going to on the Europe Uncovered tour? Sounds very exciting!


It covers France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Slovenia, Czech, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands…it’s pretty full on…looking forward to meeting you guys.

Btw, have you received any information about the trip from Top Deck?


That trip sounds amazing! We did a similar one a few years ago - we went camping though. I’m looking forward to sleeping in an actual bed, and hopefully having warm showers! I have no received any info from Top Deck yet, hopefully they send it soon. I’m getting pretty excited now! Only a month and a half away. How long are you going to be traveling for?


Hi Salima!

Sorry for the late reply…I’ll be traveling for about 5 weeks. I agree BED=AWESOME. I look forward to meeting you guys in about a month!!!