Britain and Ireland - May 14 2017


Hi everyone!

I’m Nicole from Toronto, Canada and I just wanted to see if anyone will be traveling on the Britain and Ireland tour May 14th-27th? I haven’t booked yet (got to sort out vacation time with my work), but I’m hoping to do so soon!



I’m planning on doing this trip as well! I’m Erin from Alberta, Canada. Have you booked this trip yet?



Hi Erin!

I just recently booked this trip and we’re almost at 100 days away now! Great to know there is a fellow Canuck aboard!


We have a little more than two months left! Anyone staying to explore London either before or after the trip? I’m staying two days after to hopefully hit all the hot spots.


It’s getting so close now! I’m getting there just a day early so hopefully I can do a little exploring before we start the tour. What spots are you looking to visit?


I’ll arrive in London about 1pm the day before, so maybe our group can get together for dinner or exploring the night before the trip? I’m hoping to visit places like Westminster Abbey, Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben and the like. I’m also hoping to get some time at the British Museum and maybe a wander past the Mi5 and Mi6 headquarters. A lot to do in so little time! Do you have any particular places you wanted to visit?


I think I get in sometime in the afternoon the day before so it would be nice to meet up in the night for sure! Yeah, I would like to hit all of the ones you mentioned, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit that all in one day. Maybe after the trip!


@NicoleP Hi Ladies,

My sister has been to london 2/3 times now and she has said that all those nice touisty spots like westminster abbey etc you probably want to spend at least half day-full day there (as theres lots to see in those places).

Unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough planning my trip lol… had I known this b4 I booked I probably would’ve stayed longer beforehand. So another trip to London will be on the card lol.

Hope the information in 1st paragraph helps you ladies :slight_smile:


It’s a lot to see in one trip, but I’m hoping to be back in London in the years after our trip in May. So much to do in one city, and that’s only one small part of the trip as a whole!

Thanks for the insight, Ginger87!


@NicoleP no worries :slight_smile:

Hope your trip goes well might see you round somewhere hehe :slight_smile:


Hey girls =) I’m Christine. I’m from Australia and just booked this trip a couple of days ago. Really looking forward to it, not to much longer to go!


Hi Christine! Great to hear that you’re joining us! Are you looking to stay in London before or after the trip?

Only about five more weeks to go, ladies!


I arrive the day before the tour, and also staying in London a couple of days after :slight_smile: what are your plans?
…has anyone made up a Facebook group just yet for this tour?


I’m also arriving the day before in the afternoon and staying two days after. I think we’re also interested in doing a dinner the night before so we can all get to know each other before the tour starts.

I haven’t seen a Facebook group yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


That all sounds good :slight_smile: meeting up for dinner would be lovely!
I have made a Facebook group so it’s easier for everyone to communicate if they see these posts. Let me know if the link works =]