Britain and ireland June 19 ?!?!?


hi just wondering if there may be anybody doing this tour?.. would like to see whos gonna be on this tour im doing! :slight_smile:



i will be on this tour with you but I’m joining the tour on June 25th in Belfast.
Looking forward to meeting you then.

  • Rebecca


Hi Guys! I will be on this tour starting from the beginning in London. Not long now!


i know so exciting… i fly out to the uk tomorra!!!

so wheres everybody from? and how old are u? travelling alone?

im from brisbane, australia and im 22 and yes im doing it alone (eeeek)

what else are u up 2 on ur travels?

looking forward to meeting u!!


Wow! You are possibly flying right now! So what are you up to before the tour then? I fly over on 14th June. I am from Melbourne and travelling solo. I will be staying with a friend in London and will spend another week in London after the tour, I am then doing another Topdeck tour of Eastern Europe, back to London for a few days and then I am heading over to the U.S.A! It’s a big trip I am doing! :slight_smile:


oh wow that is big… my friends doing one like that too. jealloouusss haha

I fly tomorrow lunch!
im originally from manchester uk (moved to bris when i was 8) … so going to see family and friends for 18 days then heading to london for the trip! doing the tour then spending 3 days there before flying back to bris!

mm i wonder how many ozzies well have on the tour haha… im soo excited to go everywhere gonna be so good to see all the things i never saw whilst living there!

ok well ill meet u in a few weeks. have a safe flight (on my bday aswell haha) … and enjoy ur first few days in london x


Hope you are getting some sleep on the long flight! Yeah I have never been to the UK or Ireland, so really looking forward to it!! Enjoy your time with your family and friends and I’ll see you in a few weeks! And happy birthday in advance! :slight_smile:


Hey all. Did this tour on May 22. It’s a blast and you’ll have so much fun! If you have any questions feel free to ask. It’s easier to e-mail me questions. Since my trip is done I don’t come to the boards much any more.