Britain and Ireland July 17th


Hi Katherine,

I’m doing this tour in August next year, it looks great doesn’t it! I’ve been in contact with someone who did this tour and they strongly recommended staying in the departure hotel the night before. Apparently on the morning of the start of their tour the tube line went down and it was a real pain trekking across London.
Cheers, Julia


Hey Julia,

It looks beyond amazing i am so excited!

Thanks, we had already booked into the departure hotel but that was because i was lazy and couldn’t be bothered looking for someplace else. I’m glad that it will make it easier.

I am sure we will both have the time of our lives

:smiley: Katherine


Hope you’ll going to have a good time there.
God luck!


Hey Julia14 when in August are you doing this tour??? I’m about to book the 14AUG tour!!


Hi Cass, I’m on the 28th one, pity. I’m yet to find anyone doing my tour.


Hey Cass, im on the AUG14 tour!!! Did you end up booking onto this one??


Hey Katherine

A friend and I are also going on the July 17th tour!! We are so excited! I’m glad to have found someone else on the same one. It is going to be amazing! :slight_smile:



Hey Kim,

I’m so glad to find someone else who is doing this tour ;D did you plan on staying in London before or after the tour??


ya we are staying after the tour. we leave on Aug 4th. What about you?


we are staying in Paris till the 9th of august then I’m going to italy by myself till the 26th then back to london till the 3rd of september :smiley: super excited


Hi everyone,
I’m booked to do the Britain /Ireland tour (12th-25th June),
i’ve done a topdeck tour before (discover europe in July this year) and it is fantastic, we were in Barcelona for world cup and got fined with a noise violation in prague but wouldnt trade the experience for anything.
Hope u all have a great time on your trips.
Brooke :slight_smile: