hi im going to be doing the BRITAIN AND IRELAND on the 8th july 2012,
I’t traveling on my own, is just wondering who else is on this tour



Hi Amanda, I’ll be on the same tour. I’m also traveling by myself and looking forward to a fun 2 weeks!


Hi guys, I am also on this tour too & I have also been in contact with someone else (Renee) who will be going too. I am currently on the European Pioneer tour (in Belgrade at the moment). Glad to finally hear from more people on this trip! Also travelling alone & look foward to meeting to both :slight_smile:


Hi Amanda and Tracey,
Quick q – I’m trying to figure out if I should bring a thick/fall jacket along or if I can get away with a fleece and rain shell. What are you guys bringing?



Hi Priya

I actually have that same problem you shouls be fine with a fleece and rain shell but i am also going to be bringing a warm jacket. I had a big problem today and almost ended up miossing the trip , my dog ate my passport i was luck enough to be able to get an emergency passport within a few hours. look forward to meeting you i get in the hotel the night before