Britain and Ireland 5th May


Hey! Ive booked this trip! Just wondering if any others on here are doing to same? Would love to hear from you! Its my first time travelling overseas and im doing it solo!


Hey there, i am looking at booking this trip next week, will be travelling solo as well from melbourne :slight_smile:


Awesome Renee! Hope to see you on the tour! 😃! It’s going to be amazing!


I am thinking of booking this trip also - I will be travelling alone too from Perth - first time going abroad!


Hi! I’m coming from California, USA.
This will be my third time overseas, but first time to the British Isles.
So excited!


Excellent guys! Looks like we have a few people on board! Hope to see u all on the tour!!!


Hi, I am from Sydney and will also be doing this tour. I will be coming alone and am really excited :slight_smile:


Great!! :slight_smile: !! This will be my first tour, then I’ll be in London for a few days then off on the European wonder tour!!


I’m doing this tour too… So excited… Have had it booked since like October/November when 2013 dates got released… will be my first time in UK/Europe… this tour is the beginning of the second half of my mega holiday… I’m travelling on my own too… CAN’T WAIT…


Hey, my brother and I are going on this tour then spending few days in London also.


more people on board! great!!!


Hey all,
I’m also doing this tour. Really excited- its almost here!
First time traveling solo to Europe from Melbourne Australia.
Going to be fun :slight_smile:


Not long to go now… I leave AUS in 33 days for the first part of my holiday and its now only roughly another 8 1/2 weeks to this tour… it’s going to be here before you know it…


Can’t wait


Picked up all my documents last Saturday… not long to go now…


What is everyone doing Pre/Post tour.

I’m travelling in the States for 5 weeks before hand, then I have a week in London plus 3 days in Paris post tour…


Hey! im in london from the 3rd may, is everyone staying at the Umi the night before?

You must be counting down the days Kate!! America and the Uk!!

i haven’t got my documents yet! hopefully they arrive soon!!


Hi KB I will be arriving the 3rd May and staying at the Umi the night before.

Apparently my documents will arrive a few weeks before i leave. Maybe its the same for you!


I’ll b at the umi from the 3rd, I was going to stay in a hostel for my first night but was a little worried about jetlag! Really can’t wait for the trip! It’s going to be awesome!


I am going to be in London a week before and then 4 days after the tour. Then doing a road trip through western Canada and the border states for two weeks. I can’t wait!