Britain and Ireland - 5th June


Hey everyone how are we all?

Ive booked to go to britain and irealand and im really excited :slight_smile: anyone else booked to go on this tour???



My partner and I are… getting so excited!! Are you travelling alone?


Hi Melissa how are you?

Yes Im travelling alone. I’ll be doing the england and scotland leg of the tour. looking forward to it :slight_smile:



I’m good thanks how are you?

Cool, we will be doing the Ireland leg as well… its going to be so good! When are you getting to London? We are doing another tour before it, and will be staying at the Umi for the 2 nights before leaving.

Where abouts are you from?


Hi Mel I’m good thanks.

I’m from Sydney. Ill be arriving into London on the 4th of June and also staying at the Umi hotel. We should catch up the night before and have a few drinkies how does that sound?



Hi :o)

I will be doing this tour as well. I am also staying at the Umi 2 night before the tour. I am going on the European Pioneer before hand too. I also am traveling alone. Im from Newcastle. How old are you guys?

I cant wait! I leave in less than 4 weeks!!!



Hi Sarah how are you?

ill be 31 when I do the tour. how old are you?


Hi Vickie…Im great thank you. Hope you are well. I am 26. Thats awesome we have a birthday to celebrate :slight_smile:


ill be turning 31 in may which im looking forward too… are you guys on facebook? it would be great to see faces before we go so we know who to look for when we get there. how does that sound?


Sounds great. PM me with your full name and I will find u on facedbook!


Hey! I’m doing the Britain/Ireland full tour June 5th! Super excited!


Hi Kaylee… yep super excited too! Its coming so fast. Cant wait! See you in a few weeks :o)


Hey how is everyone getting close now,

I’m tavelling solo and I’m looking forward to it cant wait, Im doing a tour before this one,then have 5 nights at the Umi before this tour begins.
The count down begins.
See you there