Britain and Ireland 5 June 2016


Hi everyone, super excited to be going on this tour. Is there anyone else going on this tour?


Hey Kate! I’m on this tour. Going to the UK has always been a dream of mine and now I actually get a chance to do it. Can’t wait until June!


Where are you from?


So excited to be going on this tour, I’m from AUS. What about you guys?


Hey Brianna! I’m from The U.S.


Hi, I’m glad you now have the chance to explore UK. I’ve only been to London itself, but not anywhere In the UK. I have travelled a bit around Europe but that’s it. I can’t wait either :smiley:. I am from Australia, where about’s are you from?


I know right, can’t wait either. I’m from AUS as well. Mackay, where in AUS are you from?


Im from Maryland on the east coast. I live in a rural area about an hours drive north of Washington DC


Wow, that sounds amazing. I would like to visit America someday


I’d likewise love to visit Australia one day too


You should one day, there are many great things to see and do


Hey guys im on this tour tour. From the alice, Aust.
Super keen! Love Scotland!


Nice to meet, not long now. Can’t wait :grin:


Yep, We’re getting close! Haha a lot of Aussies on this tour


Thats a good thing btw


Also, what are you gals planning on doing for cell phone situations? Are you using the sim card through top deck?


No, mine is through the Travel Insurance company


I’m getting one through my travel agent, it’s apparently prepaid so it should be easy enough to top up over there I hope.


I’m in Adelaide


Cool, I haven’t been to Adelaide yet. But would like to visit one day