Britain and Ireland 3rd August 2016



Im so excited about this tour, this is my first time over seas and this is the first tour ill be doing.

Is anyone joining me? :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks, i hope it will be good. I wish you luck in finding the right tour


Found your topic!!
First time to Europe for me, and first solo overseas trip, but I’ve been to Malaysia and Thailand with family



Thats so cool, this is my first time overseas all together and first time solo.
Im so nervous about it too though.


Yeah, I was pretty nervous too, but finally decided that I’m gonna have an awesome time regardless, and the more I look at what we’ll be doing over there the more excited I get, which helps combat the nervousness :blush:


Yeah thats so true. I read through the itinerary again today and got so excited. My mum and dad went over to Uk and Europe 3 years ago and my mum is from Scotland so she told me a few things which would be really good to see and some things which may be just a waste of time and not bother.
So i chose my tour wisely i think :slight_smile:


Yeah, there’s a few of the bits we visit in Ireland that completely sold me on this tour. And my travel agent has been checking to see if I can get booking in to see the military tattoo in Edinburgh when we’re there on the tour, which would be great!


Im seeing that too but not on my tour. After our tour I’m in London a few days then i fly to Scotland on 19th and thats when I’m going to the tattoo then I’m meeting up with my mums Family who still live in Scotland.
I was too nervous about waiting to see if we could get tickets while on the tour so i booked myself.

It cost me $112ish or maybe more australian dollars for my ticket. Thats actually pretty good mum says.


That sounds pretty good :blush:
I saw it when it was in Melbourne, got last minute tickets for about $80, but really wanna see it in Scotland!


I wanted to go but then i wanted to really look forward to it when I’m at the real thing. :smile:
it would have still been good though


Yeah, I was gonna wait, but some friends went on the Friday night, and it looked amazing, so I jumped online and booked a ticket for the Saturday night… Impulse spending doesn’t help my savings!!


Oh i know right!!! iv had to make my mum help me and give me a strict budget to help me save for my entire trip overseas for the 6 weeks I’m away. I gotta stick to it or it won’t work! haahaha no impulse spending


Yeah, I always get a lot of tax back, so all that’s going to the trip. And I’m attempting to budget, but keep getting distracted my pretty or yummy things :confused: Making pumpkin soup tonight though, so that should cover work lunches for a week for under $10 :blush:


Im hoping ill get my tax back before we go. i think i will if i do it early enough. And also including is my annual leave from work which isn’t much :frowning:

oh i wish!! Work lunches and having to find a car park is what takes my pay… plus car insurance and car loans and board for mum and dad and you name it… goodbye pay :frowning:


I know! Plus phone bills!! Shouldn’t have gotten the plan with the iPhone 6…
I waste so much money on food, figured I can pretend to get organised and make meals occasionally!


hahaha im not on a plan. I’m on the Telstra $30 credit thingo… OH! What are you doing for phone overseas? Like to contact family and well essentially for Facebook hahaha?


I’m with cover more insurance, who offer a free global sim with low rates (apparently) but I think I saw toodeck does one too, and the 3 network in England is meant to be really good for all of Europe too. I’m gonna eventually look at rates and work out which is the best, but haven’t gotten around to it yet :confused:


Hi Emma, where are you leaving from?


Hi, Ill be leaving from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Are you going on this tour?


We have made a group on Facebook if anyone from our tour wants to join.
Its called Britain and Ireland 2016 3rd-16th August

We can all chat!