Britain and Ireland 2012


Hey everyone!

I have just booked the Britain and Ireland 2012 Tour departing September 2nd 2012. I’m a single female, 29 years old, turning 30 September 15 2012. It’s my first time traveling alone and to Europe in general so I am a little nervous about it. Anyone else taking this tour??? Anyone have any advice?

If you’re going, add me to Facebook and we can stay in contact until then! Look for Becca Viezel.

Super excited!!! :smiley:



Hi Becca,

I am also booked to depart on that tour on September 2nd 2012. Although I will be arriving in london about 5 days prior to have a look around. I am a single gay man, 28 years old. I will be 29 when I am there though. Also my first time travelling alone. I am very excited about going on this tour. I am also doing the 24 day Spirit of Europe Tour departing 18 September.

Hope to hear from you soon

238 days and counting till I fly over ( not that I am excited or anything :wink: )


Hey Luke!

That’s so exciting! I’ve been checking everyday to see who was going the same time as me. We should definitely keep in touch until we head up! Have you ever been to Europe before? I’ve never been outside North America so it will be very exciting for me. Maybe when I arrive on September 1st, we could meet up at the hotel or something. With whoever else would like to. What do you think? I will be turning 30 during the trip actually. My birthday is on September 15th. :slight_smile:

Keep in touch! :slight_smile:



Luke, do you have Facebook? If so, add me! You’ll find me at Becca Viezel :slight_smile: