Britain and Ireland 2012 HTUK - April 22nd


Hey all,

Is anyone going to this one? I’ve just organised it all so I’m pretty excited. I’ll be travelling alone so it’d be interesting to see if anyone else is as well.



Hey Brad,

So excited to find a post about this trip! I’m going on this one but I’m travelling with my brother, however I did find a post a while back from someone who was going on their own. Good to hear you’re all organised… I hope I am! Are you travelling anywhere else before/after the trip??



Hi Lucy,

Yeah I saw that post as well, but no one replied so I created a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

Before the trip I’ll be in Manchester for a week, then once I return I’ll be staying in London for a bit as well.

How about you?

Not long now! :S


Oh I’m so jealous, I would LOVE to see Manchester! I’ll be in London for a few days before and after the trip.

I know, its getting so close! This will be my first time out of the country so I’m getting a bit nervous/excited… Have you travelled anywhere before??


No I haven’t. First trip overseas, so pretty excited and nervous as well :S

It’s going to be interesting navigating London and Manchester after being use to Adelaide heh. Hoping their public transport is as good as they say it is!

You and your brother got any plans whilst in London or just doing some general exploring?


Haha agreed! I’m so used to getting around Toowoomba easily that I hope its not too confusing, though a few people have said that its really simple.

We don’t really have anything set yet, I’d like to do some of the typical tourist things like seeing the Big Ben and going to the London Dungeons, but my brother mostly just wants to check out the pubs, which I’m pretty keen for anyway, so I think we’ll just see what happens. What about yourself, got any plans for Manchester/London??


Um Manchester not too much. Just general exploring and stuff (def want to check out the english Pubs and try english beer heh). London I’ve got it a bit more planned, like seeing Big Ben and the museums (pretty keen on english history) so it should be good.

For the initial stay at London before the tour, are you guys staying at a different hotel/hostel to the meeting place one?


Also, anyone going on this trip with FB, add me (just reactivated it for the holiday)!


Oh awesome. I’m pretty into English history aswell so I’m hoping to be able to drag my brother to a few of those places. My friend went to London last year and said that the London Tombs and London Dungeons were amazing for like, the gruesome history, if you’re interested in that. Yeah I’m definately keen for the English pubs, and trying the local beers will be great, though I’ve heard they’re served warm so that might take some getting used to :S

Yeah we’re staying at the hotel we leave from, I just thought it was easier that way. You?


Hm as I booked a bit late due to some unexpected things I had to book elsewhere. The hotel im at the first night in london is around 20 mins away (so a good early walk in the morning for the trip). Afterwards on return im booked in to a place around the corner so thats cool.

I’ll need to add those places on my too see list for london! geeze its growin fast.

I wonder how many more people are going, fourm post seems a bit empty!


Oh fair enough, well at least you’re not that far away from the hotel, though a 20min walk before the trip leaves at 7am could be interesting depending on the weather. I’m so glad I just have to walk downstairs haha.

Same, the list is getting pretty long, but because I’m only really in London for a few days I think I’m going to miss out on seeing a lot of things that I want to :frowning:

Yeah, I was pretty surprised that there weren’t more posts about this trip, I was keen to talk to people before the tour actually started and I thought more people would want to do the same. I hope its a full bus, it’d be great to have lots of different people there


I’m lucky I got 5 days after the tour in london so it should be good.

Out of interest how old are you and your brother? on the website it was saying 16-30 people normally…I also hope its a bigger group as well :confused: oh well no long now to see i guess


Aw that is lucky! I’m pretty sure that I’ll end up going back to London at some stage after the trip anyway so I suppose I’ll see it all eventually.

Well I’m 20 and my brother is 22. How old are you?? 16-30’s not bad, hopefully its closer to 30 though haha, you’re right, its close! So if you’re staying a week in Manchester before the trip actually starts then you’d be flying out soon right?


Hey Lucy, I leave thursday so I’m pretty damn excited atm. I’m 24 btw.

I guess I’ll be seeing you guys shortly! See ya there :slight_smile:


Awesome! Have a great time in Manchester, see you in London :slight_smile: