Britain and Ireland 2011- May 22


Hello!!! ;D

I’m doing the Britain and Ireland tour that starts on May 22nd 2011. Anyone else doing it?? Would be nice to say hello to some people as I’m travelling by myself!!

Hope to hear from some of you :slight_smile:


Hey Jade,

My brother and I are looking at booking this sometime soon. Very excited!
It’s amazing how many Aussie’s go on these!

(and Derryn)


Hi there
I’m from Mexico City and I’m trying to made this tour too… last june I travel with topdeck in the grand european tour with more or less 20 aussies and kiwis (three boys and the rest obviously girls) can you imagine that paradise?! hahahaha check out some of my trip pictures on facebook ( you australians are the great people I ever met really!! they help me in many things because sometimes I have little problems with the English as you can see… so I hope in god to made that trip… see you soon…