Britain and Ireland 2011 - 21 August 2011


Hi everyone,

I have booked on to the Britain and Ireland 14 day tour departing on 21 August 2011 and just checking to see if anyone else has yet? I am Australian and will be travelling solo during this tour. I am so excited and counting down the days!



Hi Mark,

I’m from Canada and I just found this tour. Looks amazing. I sent them a whole list of questions about it. So if the answers are satisfactory, I will join this group. Are you staying in London pre- and post- trip?
Compared to other tours it’s odd how the first and last night’s accommodations aren’t included in the price, but then again other tours don’t have 4-5 countries squeezed into 14 days. They also don’t seem to have a London tour included, I’d be going solo so I’ll have to figure out a London tour somehow.



My husband and myself are booked on this trip and we CAN NOT wait, not long now.


I couldn’t get a room at Umi hotel for the night before the departure, but I was able to get one at the London House Hotel.
It’s only two streets over.

Is anyone landing or getting to London the day before, on the 20th? Anyone want to meet up? Most attractions close at 6, so there’s nothing else to do, but maybe go out to a pub, or rest after the flight.


Fantastic, at least I know other people have booked :slight_smile:
I am getting into London on the 20th and staying at Equity Point Hostel which is only a 10 minute walk from Umi Hotel.
Not long at all now, can’t wait to meet everyone and have a great trip!


Equity Point Hostel is in a lovely area. I was checking out Google Street View around my hotel and I gotta say all the houses being identical kinda creeps me out.


5 more days!!! Anyone else excited about it?

;D ;D B-) ;D ;D B-) ;D ;D B-) ;D ;D B-)