Britain and Ireland - 14 August


Hey anyone else booked onto this tour??? Im travelling solo!!


I’m booked on this one too! Also traavelling solo :slight_smile:


Yay!! Im doing the mega european before this (21june to 8 august) but then i have 5 days alone in london between that and britain and ireland. Ill be staying at the umi hotel from the 9th till the morning of the 14th, if your in london then as well we could meet up??


I’m staying in London for those 5 days too!! I am also going to stay at Umi. Meeting up would be great!


I’m doing the Britain and Ireland depart 14th August…and I’m alone as well :slight_smile:


hi guys :slight_smile: OMG! i am soo happy you 3 are flying solo because im flying solo too :slight_smile: yay! i was freakin out ill be the only one not in a group lol
i booked like last week! i am so excited! not long to go…the countdown begins :slight_smile: xo


Awesome!! I was worried about being solo as well!!! If any of you want to catch up and do some exploring around london before the trip starts let me know! ;D


:slight_smile: ahh i just want to start packing i am that excited haha :slight_smile:
i leave melbourne on the 12th august and i get into london on the 13th early in the morning
so maybe i can catch up with you on that day or catch up for dinner or something… :slight_smile:


Awesome! another person we know…can’t wait…will be so much fun…yay! :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: its going to be amazing :slight_smile: party shoes on people!!!


hey yeah i’m traveling solo too… i get into london on the 8th Aug so if u guys want to catch up before hand that would be awesome. :slight_smile:


40 days until I leave :smiley: I’m getting soooo excited! Have to pack up my house into storage & move back to my parents before I leave so that’s keeping me busy!!

I’m now staying with a cousin in London but would still like to meet up prior to the tour departure!shopping, coffee, dinner… All would be good! :slight_smile:

where is everyone else staying while in London?