Britain and Ireland 10 July


Any one else out there doing the Britain & Ireland tour that starts on the 10th of July … I am and I can’t wait !! :slight_smile:


Hi Kelly, I’m thinking of booking this tour too, it’s nice to see that I wouldn’t be the only one on it! I’ll let you know if/when I finally book it :smiley:


Ok im booked :slight_smile: weird that nobody else has replied here… Maybe we picked a less popular time? Pretty exciting! :slight_smile:


Thats a bit exciting cant wait!! :slight_smile: At least we will have a good time (even if it is just the 2 of us lol)


Hi Kelly and Sophie,

I’m going on this tour as well, am starting to get more excited about it the closer it gets now! I talked to someone at Topdeck the other day and they said there are only about 10 people on this tour so far, so maybe a few more people will reply as the date gets closer. I can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Awesome, I didnt realise they’d tell us :slight_smile: it sounds like a good sized group… I really cant wait!


Well it not to much longer to wait anymore… :slight_smile: When do you get into London ? Are you only doing the tour and then going home or do you guys have more travels planned… Are you travelling by yourselves???


Im travelling by myself, which is exciting and scary but Ive kind of done it before. How about you two? Im getting to London late afternoon the day before and staying at Umi hotel which is kinda expensive compared to Clink but much more convenient considering how early we leave :slight_smile: im in England for almost 2 months all up, and have about 3.5 weeks after the tour staying with family (who are all in Norh Yorkshire). Are either of you staying longer? I cant wait toget all the tour info but apparently it only turns up 3 weeks before travel dammit! Im not patient :slight_smile:


Im by myself as well and its my first time going overseas so like you im excited scared nervous all at the same time :), im travelling for 4 months all up im doing the European pathways before this tour then I’m heading to the US a few weeks after this tour so im in Britain/Europe for just under 2 months!!!


Hey, both of you sound like you’ve got great trips planned. I am going to stay with friends in Munich for a couple of weeks first (I leave on Thursday, so excited!) and we are heading to Barcelona as well, but then I am going by myself to do a Contiki European tour for a couple of weeks, then a week in London before our Britain and Ireland trip starts. So I go home straight after our tour, will be in Europe for almost 2 months altogether so should be awesome. I am staying at Umi the night before our trip as well (like you Sophie I thought it was too early the next morning to stay anywhere else!), let me know if you want to meet up before our tour - my email is . Looking forward to meeting you guys and I hope your travels are great in the meantime! :slight_smile:


Wow you two must have saved hard for all this :slight_smile: pretty jealous of the european tours haha. I think ill maybe do one next time I head overseas, hopefully with my boyfriend.
I was thinking today about whether you two migt want to meet up at Umi hotel the night before the tour and we could go somewhere for dinner or coffee or something (assuming youre staying at umi also kelly?). Let me know if either of you would like to :slight_smile: my email address is Not long now… :smiley:


Hey ladies, yes i am staying at the umi as well,I think catching up before hand is a great idea.
My email address is or my facebook is Kelly Sillars
Candice have fun on you travels :slight_smile:
See you soon :slight_smile:


Still not sure about it. I would love when in England, visit Leeds Castle Kent
, but I’m not sure if there will be the opportunity. There’ll be tons of other things to see/do so I should just
go for it I think ;D

Hope to see you all soon


Hi Girls! I am so on that bus! Getting very excited! ;D Can’t wait. I’m 26, but hopefully I want be the oldest. It’s going to be my birthday on the 20th July, so get ready to party at the temple bar in Dublin. See you then everyone. Travelling by myself, so hoping to meet great people. :slight_smile:


Also I’m staying at the Umi hotel on the 9th so if anyone wants to have dinner at a pub let me know I didn’t really want to go out by myself in London at night. But would like a pint of beer in an English pub. But I am sure there will be that a plenty.


Hi Kelly, I’m doing the same trip starting on 10th July. Staying at Umi hotel night before and after trip. Thinking I would catch up for dinner, also anyone else that wants to catch up.


Not long now guys, can’t wait :smiley: I think I’ll be the youngest… I’m 19 :S Ah well see you all then :smiley: