Britain and Ireland 02/08/16-16/08/16 and Europe Uncovered 18/08/16-08/09/16


Hi :blush:
I’m travelling solo and doing these two trips back to back, was just wondering if anyone else is doing either of these ones as well.



This is random, I am doing the exact same thing! Just on different dates!
I leave on thursday for my trip, I’m doing Great Britain & Ireland on 17/4 and then Europe Uncovered on the 5/5…

Hope you have fun and find some trip buddies!


Hey Lucy,
I am booked in for the same Europe uncovered and also travelling solo. I’ve never been to Europe before so really looking forward to it.



Im doing the first tour the same dates! I think i spoke with you on our tour group chat!


Yep, that’d be me :blush:


Heya!!! I found you’re topic! :slight_smile: yay


I just got back from doing both of these trips, you’re in for a treat! Do as many of the optionals as you can! I’d definitely recommend it. :slight_smile:


Awesome! What was the best part? Super excited and counting down, feel free to share any stories to get me even more excited!!!