Britain and Irealnd


Anyone going on the Britain and Ireland tore Sep 3. Send me an e mail it be nice to know someone before I get there.


Hi! Do you mean the tour departing on September 5? There’s a couple of us that have been discussing the optional activities for this tour and are all on the tour departing 5th Sep.[br][br][br][br]Ashlea[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing August 7 2009[br]Britain and Ireland September 5 2009[br][br]


hey, sorry i meant sep 5 i was very tired when i posted. well looking forward to meeting u in person [br]


Hi Candycane[br][br]I will be on the same tour as you too. You are the fourth person who I’ve met who is going to be on this tour. We are going to have a great time![br][br]Is this the only tour you are going on or are you doing others?[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Sarah


hey AussieSarz [br][br]i can’t wait to get going, this is the only tour i’m going on, unfortunate i ran out of money :frowning: [br][br]candycane


Hi candycane,[br][br]I’m on this tour as well. Have previously been chatting to Ashlea and Sarah and always great to meet another person on the tour. [br]Sucks that you don’t have other tours planned but that just means we’ll have tomake this one extra great for you!!! ;D[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 28th July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland 5th September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Hi Candycane[br][br]Well you picked a good tour to do seeing as you are doing one only! :slight_smile: I’ve been reading the lonely planet guides for the UK and Ireland and they are going to take us to all of the must see places. I’m really psyched about going. It’s gonna be a so much fun![br][br]Have you travelled overseas before or will this be your first time? Do you have any time in London after the tour or will you be heading straight home?[br][br]Where in Oz are you from? I’m from Melbourne.[br][br]Speak again soon.[br][br]Sarah


hey im doin this tour but the one on 3/10[br][br]Britian & Ireland 3/10/2009


hey[br]it dose suck that I’m only doing one tour it just means ill need to have double the fun;D I’v got about half a day after the tour and a day before. I’m from Melbourne as well, where’s everyone ails from?