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Hey guys,

I need some help. I’ve been wanting to buy a DSLR now for the longest time and now since I’m going on a trip to Europe I thought no better time than the present. My only concern is travelling with a big camera like that. Does anyone have experience with that? Is it annoying to carry it everywhere? Also, when travelling in Europe I am hyper-aware of people near my bags because of pick-pocketing, so is it more difficult to keep your stuff safe when you’re wearing a purse and a camera bag??

Any feedback would be really appreciated!!


I understand your concern. DSLR is the best way to capture Europe through a lens, however it can be big and bulky. Because you are on the move so much, it can be annoying to carry around with you. Plus, you are always worried where it is if it isn’t on you. I would suggest going with a Canon Powershot or similar camera that can fit in your pocket, but still has manual controls. For example, the Canon Sx170 IS gives you all the manual controls without the huge bulk of the DSLR body. It can fit in your pocket easily enough so you can pull it out whenever you need it.

There are probably others who do bring their DSLR with them, but it’s not something I would recommend because of the other options you have.


I use a Sony NEX 7, it’s one of the mirrorless ones. I love it, as it takes awesome shots and its not as chunky as a standard DSLR. It can get a bit tedious to carry around in the camera bag, but if I know I’m going to be out all day exploring a new city, I use my back pack and put the camera bag in there. Other days, I just use a shoulder bag.

It really does come down to what your comfortable carrying around with you. I’ve seen people shoot their whole trip on their phone, I’ve seen people use compact cameras and I’ve seen people use DSLR.


I’m going to be taking my new Sony A6300 (with a pancake lens) on my three-month trip around Europe.
There was no way I was bringing my chunky Nikon D5200 that I’ve had for years.
The A6300 is light, compact and comes with great DSLR capabilities. After taking high-quality images at home, the last thing I wanted was to take a tiny camera and risk poor quality photos that I’ll be looking back on for the rest of my life.
Good luck with your shopping and all the best for your travels and happy snaps!


When it comes to photography whilst travelling I never compromise. I guess I have a bit more of a technical approach to my photography as well. So next trip I’ll be taking a fair bit of kit. The weight will be more, but the results worth it. Personal preference. If you are after better quality and choice of lenses for certain shots in certain conditions, DSLR or mirrorless with interchangeable lenses is better than a point n shoot or smart phone camera. I’ll also be bringing a tripod for long-exposure work during day and night. Mirrorless quality is quite good and certainly lighter to carry around. Either Sony, Fuji.

Backup options include multiple memory cards, post them home as you go or bring a small laptop, as it’s best to have multiple copies of your photos. Internet can be limited in some places, so emailing or Dropbox is not practical.


I know, You can take a photo with your phone but for camera lover, it’s not an easy thing.


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