Brighton and Bath Day Trips?


Hi,[br][br]My friend and I are planning on day tripping to Bath and Brighton while we’re in London.[br][br]However, we’re having problems figuring out the best way of getting there. Would it be best (i.e. relatively cheap and relatively fast) to go by rail or would it be better by coach?[br][br]Also, which rail or coach company should we go with?[br][br]We’re leaving the country in 2 weeks and plan to travel there in the end of May so any information will be really helpful![br][br]Thanks in advance.;D


just to add extra info re. Bath. You might find that you could get cheaper ticket via megabus. (i have the returned ticket booked from london to Bath, it cost ?6+?1 = ?7).[br][br]If you were to choose Megabus (via train), pls take into account of the following risk.[br][br]- The only transport offered by megabus to BATH is via train (they call it as Mega train, you will notice it when you book the ticket online). [br]- London Railway system are often interrupted by engineering work which lead to cancellation of some train services ESPECIALLY during long weekend/public holiday.[br]- My personal experience : I booked the return ticket from MegaBUS (via Train) for only ?7 and they cancelled this service 5 days before the departure due to unforseen engineering work.I got back my ?7 refund. Luckily, I managed to get the return ticket from National express for ?20 or else my planned holiday would have been a disaster![br][br]So, please get ready for the worst if you were to travel by train in UK.[br][br]In relation to Hop-On/Hop-Off tours , if you happened to join this in London, pls keep your ticket as they do offer 10% discount upon presenting your previous Hop-On/Hop-Off tours else in UK. (i used my York Hop-On/Hop-Off tours ticket to get 10% off in bath).[br][br][br]Enjoy your trip to Bath[br][br]