I’m doing the Grand European in May this year, and it’s a mix of hostels/hotels and says we get breakfast each day…

I am just wanting to know what we get? As I don’t eat wheat or bread/cereal because it makes me sick (breakfast for me is usually yoghurt and fruit or eggs). But I assume they will go for the cheap options of toast and cereal… Does anyone know?



There is normally a variety it just depends where your staying, there is normally fruit and sometimes some hot food aswell including eggs.


Most European cities consider breakfast as being bread / a roll, cheese, ham and cereal. You won’t find many places will have yoghurt but some will! If you’re gluten free or something, probably a good idea to take along some rice crackers with you as you never know whether places will really understand the concept of gluten free! Some places you might even be able to “upgrade” and pay a few extra bucks for a hot breakfast!