Breakfast.....first morning


Hey there,[br][br]Maybe a silly question…??? but I was wondering if anyone knew if we got breakfast in the morning before the tour starts.[br][br]I am staying at the Umi Hotel the night before and apparently when you book your accomodation through Top Deck , the price includes breakfast. But our tour departs at 6.30m and breakfast doesn’t start at the hotel until 7…so I am wondering what happens…[br][br]Am I best just to get some fruit to eat on the way…[br][br]Any help would be appreciated…thanks heaps!! ;D[br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London


Hey,[br][br]The tour leaves too early for breakfast at the Umi so I would suggest you either buy something the night before to have when you get up or on the bus to Dover. Or wait until Dover as you can get food at the ferry terminal. The drive from Umi to Dover was about 2 to 2 and a half hours.[br][br]Alex


Hey Alex,[br][br]Thanks heaps for that reply. I can now cross that question off the list.[br][br]Are you still on a holiday high?[br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London


I feel a little sad to have finished the tour. Would have liked another 3 weeks to see all the places we didn’t see like Spain, Greece, Scandinavia etc. Lol.[br][br]I’m still travelling for a while though, don’t go back to NZ till mid August.


Hey Alex,[br][br]Good to hear that your adventures are still continuing. Where are you and what are you up to?[br][br]I have a week to go now before I leave and am busy organising things.[br][br]Oh a question, on the hotel tours how do you decide who you are sharing a room with? I went on Contiki to NZ few years ago and every afternoon a sheet would go around the bus and we would write our names down with who we wanted to stay with. Is that what Top Deck does?[br][br]Keep having fun![br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London


I’m in London staying with my Grandmother at the moment.[br]Doing another 1 week tour to Scotland and back to London (Contiki) in the last week of July then heading back to NZ via 3 nights in Hong Kong in August.[br][br]For the room mates we did it the same way. A sheet went around the bus on the first bus journey to Paris and I just went with the guy sitting in front of me who I’d been talking to on the bus. Stuck with him until Rome when he left the tour and then I had one of the new people who joined in Rome.[br][br]Alex


Hey Alex,[br][br]Thanks for the reply. Hope your having a relaxing time at your Grandma’s and that you enjoy the rest of your trip![br][br]Take care![br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London


Thanks. 1 other thing I’d suggest regarding food is to buy some fruit whenever you have the chance. Otherwise you won’t get any besides the odd apple that might appear in hotel breakfasts and going 3 weeks with hardly any is not good. I barely had any and got a bit ill in the last few days of the tour (you don’t need details!). Some good fruit afterwards has sorted me out!


Hey Alex,[br][br]Good advice on the fruit thing.I hope you didn’t suffer too much from being sick!! I am glad that you are feeling better now![br][br] On a whole, what were the meals like? Satisfying enough? What sort of things did you tend to eat for lunch around the place? Was it easy to grab something cheap?[br][br]Thanks for all your help![br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London


the food on tour was good, they acomidate for speacial needs, i couldnt complain about any of the food ( its all better than my own cooking HAHA) [br]we got heaps of fruit for the included lunches, its only when you have to get your own. ( i never really went for the healthy)[br][br]about the sick thing, think everyone gets it, your on a bus for so long with AC, and if one person gets it you will, just take vitamins or whatever works for you. i was over it in a couple of days, didnt ruin my tour.[br][br]also take a good book, and offer to share around, for the bus you will either read, play games or sleep. most get over the views lol.[br][br]hit me up if you have other questions.[br][br]- beer is the answer, but i forgot the question- [br]summer fun & sailing[br]May 15th 09


On our tour noone really got a cold until the last few days. For me it was an upset stomach which seemed to have come from lack of fruit. I had to miss the Berlin pub crawl because of it and had no appetite for about 3 days but apart from that it wasn’t too bad.[br][br]On the hotel tour the included meals were decent enough although nothing amazing. I personally generally had better meals when we went out and did our own thing. I found Croatia, Slovenia and Berlin the best for food. They do take care of special dietary requirements so if you have any make sure to make them known at the beginning. So for example if there are things you can’t eat for religious reasons or allergies or whatever. At the start a sheet went round the bus and we had to put emergency contact details and medical conditions etc so this is where to note it down.[br][br]Lunch wasn’t too difficult or expensive. On the travel days we would usually stop at a service station so just got a sandwich or whatever was there. We did stop at a MacDonalds once and a Subway too. And when you are out in the cities during the days it’s fairly easy to find sandwiches or cafes/restaurants wherever you are.


Hey beckahstar,[br]Just wondering if you have any heads up for the summer fun sailing?[br]My tours starts 24th july!![br][br]Just wondering did any of the girls were heels? and did u manage to fit everything in you bag haha?[br]Also any tips about taking things or not taking things???[br]Thanks so much :slight_smile: [br][br][br]KB


Hey Beckashtar and Alex,[br][br]Thanks for the info on the food. It sounds like I won’t starve! Feels bit weird but good that I won’t be cooking for that whole month. No doing dishes etc wonder if I will miss it?? :p[br][br]I have packed my vitamins and cold and flu stuff just incase. Only 3 and a half days until I leave. Think I am finally getting everything organised.[br][br]Haven’t heard from anyone else doing the tour…surely I can’t be the only one…:o Can’t wait to meet everyone and start off on our adventure. ;D[br][br]Thanks again for your replies.[br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London