Bravo, Pronto or Espresso Italia


anyone on Bravo Italia Leaving Sept. 13? Pronto Italia leaving Sept. 18? or Espresso Italia leaving Sept 13?[br][br]Let me know![br][br][br]Simone


I will be travelling on the expresso italia leaving on the 13th of september, are you going to be on this trip. getting close now cant wait.[br][br]sarah


Hey Sarah,[br][br]I’m on Bravo Italia leaving Sept 13th, so it looks like we will be on the trip together. I’m traveling solo for the first time. Very nervous and excited.[br][br]Are you traveling solo? [br][br]Simone[br][br][br][br]


hi im on the bravo italia trip september 27th but just wanted to ask do both the pronto italia and the espresso italia combined with the bravo italia tour. so do half leave through the trip and then more join or something.


I think that half do leave in Florence(Espresso tour) and then the other half join in Florence (Pronto tour) and then the Bravo people are on the tour for the whole lot. [br][br]So with that in mind, is anyone one doing the Pronto from 2 Oct - 9 Oct? Or anyone doing the Espresso tour from the 27 Sep - 2 Oct? If you are then you will be with all of us doing the Bravo tour from the 27 Sep - 9 Oct. We have a discussion group already on this forum.


Yes Espresso ends in Florence where Pronto Starts and Bravo Italia is the whole tour. [br][br]I can’t believe there are so few of us on this tour.


hey!! im on the pronto italia trip, but mine strats in florence on the 21st of august…anyone else on this trip??


Hey Sarah,[br][br]Do you have facebook? Maybe we could arrange to head to the hotel on the 13th? I’ll be in Rome a couple days before.


Hey Simone,[br][br]Im also doing the Bravo Italia leaving on September 13th, have just booked it - also travelling solo for the first time, bit nervous but excited![br][br]Alicia


Hi Simone,[br][br]I will be getting to Rome on the 13th flying in from London and will head straight to the hotel. hope that its easy enough to get to the hotel, bit worried about that. i am on face book, look me up sarah harman.[br][br]I am also travelling solo, will be great to meet everyone.[br][br]cant wait not long to go!


Hey![br][br]Good to hear there are more people on the tour. I’m going to be in London from September 8-11 and then I’m flying to Rome. Add me on facebook [br][br]I’m nervous but getting very excited. Looking forward to meeting you guys.


Hey guys, [br]Im also on this tour - doing the ‘espresso italia.’ should be good.[br]I’ll prob get to rome a few days before, so feel free to sms me if anyone wants to grab a coffee before we all meet :)[br]+61421749413[br]see u all then, [br]Renate[br][br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009