Bravo Italia


Hi all - just wondering if anyone is booking or has booked pre/post accomodation for this tour? I need to be in Rome the night before the tour and will be there for two nights after the tour but not sure whether to book the hotel that we leave from or whether to find somewhere else to stay… any recommendations? cheers :slight_smile:


I’m going in June and ive booked at the B&B Relax in Rome which is just around the corner from Hotel Noto where they depart from for 3 nights before the tour as i wasn’t sure on the reviews of the hotel where we stay. :slight_smile:


Hey alicia. How did you know about which accomodation they arrive or depart from in rome?? Im going on 2 tours in september, and I want to book my pre/post accomodation in rome. But i have no idea where the tour will end or start from? Therefore I have no idea which area to book mine in. I was told I wont get the packaged information 1 month prior to departure, which seems to short of a time.


Hey mmarlee,

I have booked to go on the ‘Bravo Italia’ tour departing September 23rd just wondering if you were on the same one. Also we just asked our travel agent that book us on the tour and she was about to print out all accomodation we will be staying at throughout the entire tour.


Hey mmarlee,

Yeah i did the same as April said, even though i didn’t book the tour through the travel agent I still got them to enquire for me and they gave me the information :slight_smile:


Hey Alicia… how bad does the HOTEL NOTO look haha photos of the bed bugs :frowning: the rest of the places look ok though! I cant wait to go, so excited!


I know looks horrible, but hopefully they have improved by the time we get there… maybe washed the covers… :wink: I’m counting down till I go !


haha - the bedbugs were worrying! i am taking a sleeping bag with me just in case. Alicia i will def have a look at the one you are staying at - if its round the corner thats ideal! thanks guys!