Bravo Italia


Hi all

My fiancee and I are planning to do Bravo Italia next year in May 2012 for our honeymoon :). Since there are no reviews (I couldn’t find one) for this tour on the forum, I figured I’d start one. I would like to know the experience of people who’ve done this tour - both the pluses and minuses. It would help us decide. The tour hits the cities we would like to go and is our top choice at this point.

My specific inquiries are:

  1. Accommodations: What were they like? Were they away from the city centres? Did they have private bathrooms?
  2. Were their couples on this tour?

All tips and info will be so very much appreciated. Thanks again everyone.

G (from Vancouver, Canada)


Hi G
I am off on this tour on the 28th August so will see if I can answer some of your questions when I get back :slight_smile:


Oh I’m going to follow this reply too - looking at honeymoon late sept/oct next year on this tour…


Hi Gurpreet and Princessbec,

I went on the Bravo Italia tour a few months ago so I’ll try to answer some of your questions.

Accommodation - the rooms were quite small but we didn’t spend a lot of time in them so it wasn’t too much of a problem, just a little bit awkward at times with getting stuff out of luggage. Also the hotels were generally older than what I’m used to staying in in Australia and I don’t usually stay in 5 star hotels. Overall the hotels were ok because we spent most of our time outside exploring, just don’t expect luxury. The hotels were mostly quite close to the city centre. The hotel near Assisi was outside the city in quiet area but we were taken there on the bus in the evening, had dinner at the hotel, then left on the bus early the next morning so not a problem. The hotel in Venice was outside the centre, about 20 minutes by bus, because any accommodation in the city is crazy expensive. Your tour leader will give you directions to get back to all hotels if you are not with the whole group at the end of the day. All accommodation had private bathrooms.

Couples - on my tour there were 2 couples. I also did another Topdeck tour that had a few couples on it. I think there is probably a different mix of couples, singles, and friends on every tour.

Free time - I noticed you asked on another thread about free time. If I remember correctly we had free time in every city. Sometimes we had a whole free day, other times it was a couple of hours or a half day. I thought there was a good mix of free time and organised group activities. When we had free time, our tour leader gave people suggestions about things to do and how to get to places.

I thought the tour was great and had a fantastic time. I definitely reccommend doing it.



Is TopDeck really suited to Honeymoons? Would you book a Honeymoon with Contiki?

While TopDeck is slightly less party-hard than Contiki, the tours still operate along the same lines and attract a similar crowd. Largely school leavers or current university students looking for a good time. Chilling out, meeting people, drinking, partying.

Hotels are 2* and 3* on your particular tour. Think extremely basic, likely small. There is also no guarantee you will have a double bed to share every night of the tour - and you are unlikely to get of a lot of alone time to use it. (See the pre departure info on the right hand bar of the tour page:

It could be that this is exactly what you’re looking for - just make sure you know what you’re in for. This won’t be a relaxing resort holiday, or luxurious.


Hi Rose

We are doing a week on a beach before, (no tours nothing) and and a week self touring after in spain. This just seemed an easy way to do a two week explore of italy as it crossed off all the cities we wanted to see…

We are also getting married 6 months before and having a “mini-moon” locally, but we’ve asked guests to contribute towards a european honeymoon - so I may have overstated the honeymoon element…

Thanks for the feedback though! :slight_smile: