Bravo Italia


Hi Everyone![br][br]Just posting this to see if anyone else on here is going on this trip on July 20th to August 1 2008?[br][br]I am pretty excited as it will be my first time in Europe![br][br]Since it is an Explorer trip, does anyone that has been on these trips before have any recommendations for luggage, etc?[br][br]Cheers!


Hello. I will be on the june 20 - july 4 italy trip. Bring a medium size suitcase, a back pack or day pack, and an extra bag for souveneirs and such. As long as your luggage isn’t huge, you should be fine. Check the luggage requirements. Basically bring enough clothes to last the time the time you are on your trip.[br][br]Morgan


Thanks Morgan! I wasn’t sure about the suitcase as I got the impression that it might be better to bring a pack instead. Since I already have a suitcase, this makes it a lot easier.


Heya, my friend and I will be on the Bravo Italia 6 July - 18 July! It was actually booked out, but they just had a cancellation so we’re in!! Can’t wait and look forward to meeting everyone :p[br][br]erina


Lucky you Erina! I originally wanted to go on that tour but it was booked up as well, so I changed my travel plans and booked on the next tour - which turned out just fine as it is a guaranteed departure as well![br][br]Have fun!


Just checking to see if there is anybody new to the forum that is going on the Bravo Italia trip from July 20th to August 1st…[br][br]Come one people! There’s got to be someone out there!! :slight_smile: