Bravo Italia Tour, 5th - 17th August 2012



I’m booked on the Bravo Italia Tour from 5th - 17th August 2012 and am looking for anyone else who will be on this tour.

Or, anyone who has been on this tour in the past and has any suggestions about what to do/see, or what to bring etc would be much appreciated.


Hi my friend Catherine and I will be joining this tour in Florence as the Pronto Italia tour joins the Bravo tour :slight_smile:


Hi Alicia & Silviap,

I’m also booked into the Bravo Italia tour on the 5th of August. I’ve added this tour using the TopDeck Facebook app.
If you do a search you can find my post on there as well.

I’m travelling with my partner Sonya on this tour. After this we are heading over to Athens for the Greek Island Hopping Tour :slight_smile:

Looking forward to holidaying in Europe for 2 months.



Hi Alicia & Adz,

Can’t wait for the tour to begin and I look forward to meeting you.

I’m doing a cruise before the topdeck tour which visits the Greek Islands as well as a stop in Malta, Turkey and three stops is Italy. Then stayinf with my dad’s cousin for a few nights who will show me where dad grew up.

103 days till I leave Australia (but who’s counting, lol)!!

Have anyt of you been to Eurpoe or on a Topdeck tour before?



Hey Adz and Sylvia

I too am counting down to escape the Melbourne winter!!! Catherine and I are doing France on our own before making our way over to Italy and after the tour we are flying to Athens and then over to the Greek Islands, we were originally doing the Island Hopping but opted to do it on our own.

I’ve not been to Europe before so this is my frist time and I am super excited, have either of you?

Will be great to meet you both along with the rest of the tour.



Greetings from Canada,

My husband and I are excited to be joining this tour!
Topdeck was referred to us by a friend. Very much looking forward to seeing Italy.



Hi DistilledDaley,

Awesome to hear from someone over the other side of the world!
Can’t wait to hear the difference in accents! :smiley: haha.

It should be an awesome trip, so many places to see!



Oh, we don’t have accents. :wink:
We can’t wait to hear yours!

Sadly, we’ll be leaving the peak of our summer, 29 degrees, for some even hotter Italian sun.
Any idea how many sights we’ll need to pre-order our tickets?

So many questions!


:)Hi All,

I heading on this tour as well, it is my first time in Italy and i’m travelling solo so it would be great to chat to a few of you before heading off :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get there, so many places to see and so much food to try too!


Hi guys,

I am going solo and can’t wait to get away from freezing Melbourne.
I got excited all over again after receiving and going over the itinerary!
But does anyone knows where we can find the Optional Excursion list and their prices?



Hi All,

From this page:

There is a link on the right hand side which takes you to the optional extras.

Direct link:

Its getting close now!!! YEAH!



Hi guys,

I just booked the trip today! I am traveling solo and will be joining this tour in Florence as part of Pronto Italia. Anyone planning to spend extra days in Rome after the trip ends on Friday?