Bravo Italia Tour 10th June



I’m doing this tour on 10th June this year - is anyone else on this tour?



I’m doing this tour as well with my cousin :slight_smile:
You travelling with someone?
Not long to go !


Hey guys,

Yep, I’ve just booked this tour. Have already read the intinery about a million times, can not wait to eat gelato. I think I’ll be arriving in Rome the day before as I’m flying in from Croatia.


Hey Sarah,
Yeah I’m getting there 2 days before, flying from prague though.
Are you thinking of booking your pre accommodation at Hotel Noto?
Gelato is going to be amazing !


Hi guys,

My friend Emilia and I are doing this tour. It’s my second Topdeck tour & I’m hoping it will be as great as the last one! We are getting into Rome 3 days before the tour and booked at a place near the starting point. We are doing a Croatian Sailing trip after Italy and then living in London for a year. Looking forward to eating gelato every single day :-[
Oh and no surprise there but 2 Sarah’s already!


Hola chicas,

Yep planning on booking around the starting point to. I think I arrive in the afternoon the day prior to the tour starting. We should definitely meet up for dinner if you guys interested.

I’m orginally from Sydney, I’ve been living in London for the past two years and making my way home in the Summer :frowning: Your going to absolutely love London, the craziest time you will ever have. I can’t even begin to describe it to you, your going to have a blast.


I’m doing the tour by myself - this is my first topdeck tour and also my first time in Europe, i’ve mostly travelled in South East Asia. Getting so excited - getting close now! I’m going to be spending a week in london before hand and I get into Italy the day before the tour also. I’ll probably just stay at the hotel that we meet at to make things easy for me!

Can’t wait to meet you guys!


I’ll be on this tour too! My best friend and I are travelling together - starting off in Rome then spending a night in Ponza, and back to Rome to start the tour. First time travelling and very excited!