Bravo Italia - September 18 to September 30


Hi! I know its AGES away, but I was wondering if anyone is going on the Bravo Italia trip from 18/9 to 30/9 2016?


I’m doing Bravo Italia but the the weeks prior to you! Maybe we will cross paths! :slight_smile:


I am on that trip. This is my first top deck. I have done contiki before where you get to see who is all on your trip before hand. Where are you from?


Hi! I’ll be doing that tour as well! Travelling on my own for the first time and using top deck so bit nervous but excited haha! Where are you travelling from? :slight_smile:


I am traveling from Philadelphia in the US. What about you?


When do you arrive? Normally on the contiki trips you can see each traveler who is going and can try and catch a taxi with whoever is coming in at your time. Topdeck just has community board.


I arrive on the morning of the 18th! Travelling from Sydney, Australia! When do you arrive? If you have facebook would be happy to add you :slight_smile:


Me too. My flight comes in around 9:15. How were you planning on getting to the hotel?


On FB my name is Melissa Seaman, there are a couple of them so the one that says Accounting Manager at US Vision


Hey guys! I literally just booked this tour today! Pretty late notice but sooooo excited. I’m 28, from Melbourne, Aus - just moved over to London and this is my first tour. Cannot wait to meet y’all :slight_smile:


Nice :). Well I am planning on taking a taxi to the hotel from the airport. If anyone wants to join me. Not sure how you guys are planning on getting there.