Bravo Italia Sept. 8 2013 Departure


Hi everyone!

Going on the Bravo Italia departing September 8 2013. Who else is going??? Traveling solo and would love to talk to some people who are also going! Maybe meet up the day before the tour starts since that’s when I’ll be arriving! I’m from Ottawa Ontario Canada, 30 years old though will be turning 31 on September 15th! LOL Will be awesome to be in Italy for my birthday! :smiley: Hope to hear from some of you! Totally excited! :smiley:


ps. Add me to Facebook! Becca Viezel


Hi Becca,

My friend and I have booked to go on this tour as well, but we are departing on June 23rd 2013. Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!



Thank you Merran you too! I am so excited. It’s so far away. I’m hoping the year flies by so I can just be there. LOL


No worries Becca! I totally understand how you feel. I think with the way this year has gone so fast, it’ll be here in no time!!