Bravo Italia/ Pronto Italia Starting 5th June 2016!?



Just wondering if anyone is booked on the Bravo Italia Trip June 5th 2016, I am booked on the Pronto Italia, so will be joining the tour on the 10th June!!



Hey Aleesha,

I’m thinking of doing the bravo italia on the 5th of june also! Travelling solo from Australia…but not sure whether or not to continue in europe after the tour.


Hey nelly!

Awesome :slight_smile: I’m also a solo traveler from NZ! I am heading down to Sorrento/Amalfi coast for a week after the tour before I head back to London!


Hi Aleesha!

I’m on the Bravo Tour for the 5th. Cant believe it’s only a month away!


Hi Jules!

Woohooo, it’s going to come around so fast, I will be joining you guys on the 10th :slight_smile: so exciting


My husband Drew and I will be on the Bravo Italia June 5!



Hi guys

Im also a solo traveller from australia on the bravo tour. See you guys soon. Cant wait to meet you all.



Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


have you looked into any add on tours? I wish it listed the hours we had free…


Nope I haven’t at this stage, but I guess we will just go with the flow, they might recommend things along the way if we have spare time