Bravo Italia - October 9th 2011


Hi everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone else on here was going on the Bravo Italia tour departing on 9th October 2011? I am going solo and can’t wait looking forward to meeting everyone.




hey Krystal
i am going on the Pronto Italia on the 14th Oct which they say forms part of the Bravo Italia tour in Florence on day 6 of your tour. I am also travelling alone for the tour.
cheers, Jean


Hi Jeanie. Looking forward to meeting you. Great to see another girl doing the trip solo. That’s great! I am also going solo, it will be my 2nd trip to Europe, but first trip to Italy and first tour.

Where in Qld are you from? I am also in Qld I am in Townsville.

Italy has always been on top of my list so excited to actually do this! I’m looking forward to Pompeii most I think should be interesting. What are you looking forward to most?

Are you going straight back to Australia after the tour or are you sticking around in Europe after the tour? I am hoping to go to France for a week afterwards but I could find no tours for the week after the tour ended and am hoping a swiss friend will be able to meet up there. Are you doing any other tours this trip or just the Pronto Italia?

Where did you find out that Pronto tour joints up with the Bravo one on day 6? I have read a few posts that say a few shorter tours tend to join up with the others. I am guessing they would be separate buses still ?