Bravo Italia May 2012


Is anyone booked for the Bravo Italia Tour from 06 May 2012 to 18th May 2012???
Is anyone going alone???


I am doing the Bravo Italia Tour from 5th August - 17th August 2012 and am going alone, so I am hoping to talk to some people that are going on the tour, or have been on the tour in the past and have any suggestions…


Heya’s :slight_smile:

I’m also doing the Bravo Italia Tour from the 5th - 17th of Aug 2012.
First time traveling Overseas, have a friend coming with on this tour and Greek Island Hopping after too.

Feel free to contact me if you want.

Katiegirl, When doing a search I found your post stating August (but subject of May). Not sure which one it is.
Also found that your Location is Adelaide as well… WTF? haha



Hey…im doing the Bravo Italia trip from the 6th May to the 18th by myself!! ;D


Hi There,

I did the Bravo Italia tour (solo) two years ago. I had an awesome time! If you have any specific questions, ask away:)

Anna from Canada