Bravo Italia June 12 2011


Hi all,

Im heading off on this tour solo, and would love to hear from anyone else who’s on this tour!



hi lauren

my name is laura, im 20 and are going on this tour solo as well. after the tour im going to travel to france and then around the UK and ireland but i have no solid plans.
im from melbourne australia.

i look forward to the tour.



Hi Laura

YAY!! It’s so good to know that someone else is on the tour with me, haha.
Im arriving in Rome the day before (11th June), at 8 in the morning no less. By any chance are you arriving the same day??



hey lauren

im arriving earlier, midday on the 5th of june. i cant wait till i leave which is just in over a week



Hi Ladies,

I am Ali! me and my best friend Jess are 22 and are coming on the same tour. We look forward to meeting both of you :slight_smile:



Hey ladies :slight_smile:

I’m Jade, but im going on the Pronto Italia, but i think it meets up with your tour while in Florence?


Hi Jade, Ali and Jess

Can’t wait to meet you all. Just a few days to go!!!