BRAVO ITALIA July 22nd 2012


Hi I’m Sara from Australia. Just wondering who else is going on the Bravo Italia tour departing July 22nd???


Hi Sara! I haven’t officially signed up for this tour yet, but there is VERY good chance I will be going. I’m from the US and will be traveling solo. -Katie


Yay, I’m also travelling alone. Are you doing anymore travel afterwards? I’m going to nice, then Barcelona then Madrid by myself afterwards.


Not sure about travel afterwards yet. Still figuring out the details of my trip and finances. But maybe! :slight_smile:


Do you have Facebook??


Hi Sara and Katie,
I am from Sydney and also doing the tour alone.
Very excited!
Ill be travelling around Europe for 2 months before I head to America on exchange for a year.


Hey guys,
I have also booked this trip- travelling solo from Melbourne : )