Bravo Italia General Questions


Hi everyone,

I’m looking at booking for the Bravo Italia trip this year, but I had a couple questions for travelers who have been on this tour recently.

  • What is the easiest way to get to the starting point in Rome from the airport (Rome Fiumicino Airport)? Does anyone have suggestions on hotels before and after the tour?
  • How much of Rome do you get to see on the first day of the trip? I’m talking the bigger tourist sites, like the Colosseum etc. It says that you meet in Rome at 3pm?
  • What optional activities would you suggest doing?



Hey i haven’t done this trip before, but i plan on doing it on may 20th to June 1st and if you decide to do that one to we could meet a day before and tour Rome, if you look at the itinerary you will see that we will be in Rome on day 2 as well, technically called the Vatican city. i would also check YouTube out for there videos, that’s what i did! Also if you have Facebook those are great questions for this group i follow called Girls Love travel! And everyone on there would love to help you!


Also my name is jenna bullen if you want to find me on facebook as well


Hey I did this trip in August. It was such an awesome experience and I definitely recommend it.

Have the hotel book you a private transfer from the airport to the hotel. I found that the best option as you dont have to deal with shady Taxi drivers and them ripping you off. You will know the cost ahead of time. Just bring Euro though because the transfer drivers dont accept card. It is about 55 Euro. I gave 60 Euro (extra 5 for a tip). The cheapest way to do it however is to take the train. If you never have been in a foreign country before this may be difficult to figure out. Private transfer is the best I think.

I found it easiest and cheapest to stay in the hotel your tour ends and begins at in Rome. Dont have Topdeck book it for you as you will end up with a super small room at an outrageous price. Book your stay directly with the hotel as you can get a bigger room for a cheaper price but remember to book early. You can book online. If you need to call the hotel they all speak English pretty well.

You meet in Rome at 3pm for a walking tour where you actually see soooo much of Rome. It goes until pretty late at night. I saw everything I wanted to. I believe you also have a free day in Rome as well to do things like take a tour of the inside of the Colosseum.

Lastly, I would suggest doing all optional activities! Definitely do the Blue Grotto in Capri. If your lucky maybe your tour guide will book a speed boat trip around the island. That was soooo amazing definitely my favorite part but not all the tours do that. If you get to Capri early enough you will have enough time to do that and go visit Positano. It will just be an extremely long and tiring day.

Its a wonderful trip I am sure you will enjoy. Going with Topdeck even makes it better. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Jenna!

I actually booked the trip earlier in May just before you posted! Bummer! Thanks for the suggestions, anyway!


Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for all the great information! I’m planning on getting to the city centre via the Leonardo Express and then walking to a hotel that is a little closer to Termini Station for the first two nights, and then heading for the meeting point before 3pm on the tour’s start date. I’ve got one full day before the tour starts to do a little more indepth Rome sights, I guess! Can you remember if it is a long walk from the TopDeck hotel to Termini Station? Did you also use Rome’ public transit, at all? If so, was it difficult to navigate?

The Blue Grotto looks amazing! I’m definitely planning on seeing it! I’m also super pumped to see Pompeii!


Sometimes they change the hotel so I don’t know if they have you staying at the same hotel I stayed. I stayed at hotel villa torlonia. That hotel is just an easy 3-5 minute walk from the train station.

On our free time in Rome I used the train a bunch it was so simple there was only 2 lines when I went because they were working on the 3rd but even if it was open I wouldn’t have had an issue. That was the first time I was ever out of the United States and I was able to navigate my way on the train alone. The train gets super packed though just remember to keep your bag in front of you and hold on to it. I’m sure your tour guide will tell you that as well.

There are train stops pretty much near all the site seeing locations and your tour guide will more than likely go over how to use the train.


I think it is at the same hotel that you were at, so it should work out okay. Thanks so much for your help!