Bravo Italia First Week of September 2016



Reply to this thread if anyone is on the Bravo Italia tour the first two weeks of Sept 2016!




Are you doing the tour that goes from August 28- September 10 or the one from September 4-16? Sounds like maybe Sept 4- Sept 16, but just wanted to check!! :smile:


Hi! I’m doing the september 4th one! You are doing the one before yes?


Yea, I’m doing the one that starts 28 August. Have fun on your trip! :smiley:


Hi! I am doing the 4-16 Sept tour :slight_smile:


Yay! So exciting! We are on the same trip. Are you traveling solo as well?


Yeah I’m on my own. I’m from Sydney. Where are you from?


Hi I’m also on this trip. Solo from Brisbane!