Bravo Italia August 2011



I’m booked on the Bravo Italia Tour starting at the end of August this year. Am travelling solo, so wondered if anyone else is going on this one? Also open to any tips / suggestions from past travellers :slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing from you!



[color=0000ff]Hi KT
Are you on the trip departing on the 28th Aug? I’m going on the tour too! As well as a couple of friends of mine. I’m getting excited already! :slight_smile: I’ve never been on a top deck tour before (have done Contiki a couple of years ago). Have you been to Italy/ Europe before? hmm not sure about tips- except the obvious- pack light!
Trish :slight_smile: [/color]


Hey Trish

Yep thats the one!! Awesome!! Have never been to Europe before so am so excited. Have you been to Italy before?

And nope i’ve never done any other tours either…what Contiki did you do? Enjoy it?

I fly in on the 26th and then have bout a week extra at the end of our tour to just…spend in Italy.

Can’t wait ;D ;D


[color=0000ff]Hi! Yeah i have been through italy briefly before, i did a 25 day contiki tour visiting so many cities but only staying 2 nights or so in each. It was fantastic, but i’m really looking forward to this trip!
I’m flying out on the 28th July and spending a month visiting different countries before the tour then i’m staying an extra night afterwards. Are you staying in the topdeck hotel?
Your first trip eh! I’m sure you’ll have an absolute ball!!! ;D
Hopefully we will find some more people on here- it is starting to get close! :)[/color]


Hey there…ah ok. Yeah I fly out on the 26th Aug, but then i’m not flying home till the 16th Sept. I’m not staying at the hotel beforehand, am booked into some hotel bout 5 mins from there. But now trying to sort out what i’m doing after the tour…maybe an apartment i saw on Air B&B (awesome website btw!!)
Sweet yeah hope we find some more pplz on here too…i’m so excited.
Do you have any tips about phones? I notice topdeck do some kind of free sim card…reckon its good?


Hello All,

Quick note from freezing cold Canberra, My girlfriend and I are going on this tour also, we are getting quite excited about it, and I am really looking forward to some warm to hot weather.

Looking forward to having a great time with you all.


Hey Scotty

Thats great! So great to meet ppl that are going on the tour aswell. yes I’m getting excited…and just want my itinerary already!! Have you or your girlfriend travelled in Europe before?


No, this will be our first time, we have had a couple of trips to Fiji last year and Puerto Rico the year before.

Why did you pick this trip out of all the trips I see listed on this site?


Looks like we’re rounding off all the states now, I’ll also be on this trip. First time in Europe, first time with Top Deck. Lookin forward to some warmer weather!


Hey Scotty…Ive only got a limited amount of time off work so couldn’t do one of the bigger trips…but if I had more time I’d totally do the Mega European!! And yeah always loved the look of italy. How bout u guys? Why’d you pick this one?
Hi Stevos, yep bring on the warmer weather!!


Hey guys Im adding on another state…cant wait for the tour going to be sweeet!!
My first time in Europe and with Topdeck.


My Girlfriend has been talking about going to Italy for years, while we have been together. it is also her Birthday present, we travel to a destination for our Birthdays and have a week or two away. we are getting excited about the trip, we have a week in Rome before the trip and than a week after the trip in Positano.

Welcome SA


Hi guys…

Is anyone doing the Italy tour that starts on 7 August?! (Im doing the Espresso Italian tour, but its joined up with the Bravo Italia tour (13 days)…


Hey guys…not long now till we head off. Can’t wait!!
Just wondering…is everyone taking backpacks or suitcases? Any tips / suggestions?


Hi guys :slight_smile:

My husband Vince and I are also doing the Aug 28 tour, super excited! Looking forward to meeting all of you.



Hi everyone,
I’m on Bravo Italia 28th Aug as well, travelling solo, first time in Italy - so excited!!
Arriving a day early to the hotel, look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hey Lauren & Claire
Great to hear from you!! Yes getting very excited now…2 weeks today!!
Can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile: