Bravo italia 7 may 2017


I know I’m getting in early. But just about to book this tour. Is anybody else looking at this tour?


Hi. I’m on this tour! Just booked today.


Hi! Started to think Noone else was going to do it.


:smiley: I was torn between this tour and one in Turkey. When. Do you arrive into Rome? I fly in from London the morning of May 7th.


I fly in on the 5th from the usa. Spending 3 weeks there before hand.


I’ve just booked this tour as well!


Awesome! When do you arrive?


Hiya, my boyfriend and I have just booked this tour also! And the Europe countdown begins. Can’t wait to meet you all. x


Not long Starting to get organised and pack. How’s everyone doing? :sunglasses:


Just starting to board the flight now. See you all soon